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Travel Planning

Ever feel like you need a vacation from planning your vacation? All the research and coordination can suck

the fun right out of your next big adventure.

As a FORA-certified travel advisor, I'll help handle the heavy lifting of researching and planning your trip. By getting to know you and your travel style, I'll curate and deliver the perfect itinerary customized for you creating 

an unforgettable experience.

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How I Can Help

Above the Clouds

How much will this cost? 

As a travel agent, I make my commission on booking accommodations, at no extra cost to you. For other research and planning around activities, dining, and transportation, I charge a small fee.

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The Process

01 | Tell me about your trip

Reach out to me here and let me know what you have in mind.

You don't have to have it all figured out! If you're not entirely sure where or when you want to go, or who will be coming with you, that's totally fine. All I need to get started is a general vibe and a general budget.  

02 | Let's talk it out

To plan the perfect trip, I'll schedule a chat to get to know you, your travel style, and the type of experience you want to have — whether you want to go a mile a minute, have the chillest trip possible, or something in between.

03 | Research, research, research

I'll do my thing — curate a list of options for accommodations, activities, restaurants, and more. Through feedback and collaboration, we'll assemble the perfect itinerary that fits your unique travel style.

04 | Lock it in

By the end of the process, I'll have everything booked for you and your party, and I'll hand off your final itinerary. This vacation cheat sheet will contain all the details of your trip, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time digging up details and info on your adventure.

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"I love trip planning, but Alyssa made it way easier by narrowing down 2-3 excellent options for each of these huge cities. I can't wait to use her again!" 

The Sigh Family | Lisbon, Portugal & Madrid, Spain




How much does it cost?

I make commission from booking your accommodations — the hotel pays me a cut of your rate, at no extra cost to you! 

If you allow me to handle your booking, I'll include dining and activity recommendations for free. 

For more detailed itinerary planning and reservations, I charge a fee; reach out here to see my packages & rates.


What types of travel do you book?

I can help with absolutely any kind of trip. Whether you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list trip, a bachelorette party or reunion, or a family vacation, my goal is to make your trip easier to plan and easier to enjoy. 

If you're not sure whether I can help with your trip, just drop me a line! If I can't assist you, I can probably point you in the right direction.


Why use a travel advisor?

Aside from handling the heavy lifting of planning your trip, our relationships in the travel world allow us to score sweet upgrades, credits, and perks for you and your party.

What kind of perks?

It varies, but perks typically include room upgrades, free breakfasts and other meals, spa credits, complimentary bottles of wine upon check-in, just to name a few.


What don't you do? 

While I can give you advice on anything, a few things are tricky for me as a travel agent:

AirBnBs: AirBnB does not allow booking by third parties (aka travel advisors). Also, I can't step in if something goes wrong or doesn't meet your expectations. However, I do have a database of professionally managed private homes that are a great alternative!

Flights: Airlines provide the best customer service when communicating directly with their clients. I'm happy to help you research flights to your destination, but I always recommend booking direct!

More Questions? Jump over to read our full FAQ or drop me an email!

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