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Weekend Getaway to New York City, New York

Updated: Feb 27

the statue of liberty with the sun setting behind it with overlay text reading New York City weekend photo diary

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Planning a trip to New York City can be intimidating - there is so much to see and explore.

Here is how we made the most out of our quick, weekend getaway to New York City:

Day One: Graffiti Hunting & Sailing the Hudson

a woman smiling in front of a mural that reads we love you alyssa

Hunt down street art around the city.

a grafitti paining on an easel with the new york skyline behind it

Visit the Beyond The Streets exhibit in Brooklyn.

the front of a sailboat with the new york skyline behind it

Sail the Hudson on the Enchantress with Brooklyn Sail.*

Day Two: Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, & Museums

a man standing on the brooklyn bridge

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge in to Manhattan.

 a man looking up at the sky on a street in china town

Explore the history of Doyers Street in Chinatown.

a woman walking in front of art hanging on a wall

View a contemporary art exhibit at New Museum.

Day Three: Gleason's Gym, Smorgasburg, & Broadway

two men standing in a boxers pose in front of a wall of photos of boxers

Train at the famous Gleason's Gym.

a scoop of ice cream with merengue on top with the new york city skyline behind it

Indulge at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg.

a woman and man standing in front of the hudson theatre

Watch your favorite actor on Broadway.

Can’t get away to New York City? Then escape in these New York Stories in The Ever Curious’ Bookshop.*


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